How to Make Music Symbols on Facebook

How to Make Music Symbols on Facebook! Have you ever witnessed a music image like “♪” or “♫” being a district of your Facebook standing, and puzzled however on earth that’s possible?

Well, it’s simply a simple trick! This feature is called “ALT Codes” that’s enforced by pressing the keyboard keys during a consecutive manner ensuing into the specified music image which will be eventually placed as a Facebook standing. so as to create this feature work you neither would like any add-on software system from the net nor would like you to create any settings in your system.

You’ll be able to build music symbols in Facebook standing each whereas exploitation your desktop or laptop computer and also the method differs slightly. All you would like is to follow the directions given below.

Instructions for Desktop Keyboard Users

1. log in to Facebook exploitation your login credentials.

2. once the login is finished, place a click within the Update standing textbox wherever you enter a replacement standing.

3. Now, because the pointer blinks within the text box, press the “ALT” key from the keyboard. the placement of the “ALT” key is going to be one at the right-hand facet of the key and also the different one at the left-hand side.

4. Keep holding the “ALT” key and stimulation the “NUM Lock” key on the keyboard. kind range thirteen or range fourteen from the numeric section of the keyboard (usually placed at the right facet of the keyboard).

5. build a note: Use solely the “NUM Lock” section to get the musical standing symbols. If you utilize the horizontal numeric keys higher than the alphabets, then the musical standing symbols won’t be generated.

6. the quantity thirteen stands for musical single eight-note image whereas the quantity fourteen represents a double eight-note image.

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Instructions for laptop computer Keyboard Users the way to build music symbols for Facebook standing

Follow an identical sequence from purpose one to purpose three as mentioned in “Instructions for Desktop Keyboard Users”.

Keep holding the “ALT” key and stimulation the “NumLK” key on the keyboard. the best location of these key’s within the higher right-hand section of the keyboard. because the key’s enabled, a lightweight indication is going to be shown.

Once the “NumLK” key’s ironed, hold down the JL or JU keys from the keyboard, as these represent the thirteen and fourteen numbers from the laptop computer keyboard sequence.

In a state of affairs wherever there isn’t a “NumLK” key provided, restrict the perform key that is indicated as “FN”.

Perform identical method as mentioned in purpose three for performing key.


The idea behind this idea is to precise one’s mood or behavior, or perhaps a response to a comment. you’ll be able to conjointly use these musical symbols within the chats which can show your love for music.

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