What is Lamebook?

Lamebook may be a page that seeks to parody the stupidest problems that area unit treated within the social network of Facebook. All those nonsense, absurd teams, and phrases that we tend to raise Facebook users World Health Organization kill the world’s largest social network area unit the most objects of a mockery of this website, Lamebook.

But Lamebook was merely a bit legendary website to date. So far, at that purpose, he begins to realize fame because of Zureckberg’s own social network, Facebook, which has been vulnerable to demand from Facebook. Thus, Lamebook has set to have interaction in a very battle against Facebook mistreatment of the primary draft as its own defense:

“Unlike the net website Facebook, the net website Lamebook doesn’t give social networking services or utility to its users and, therefore, doesn’t wear down Facebook.

This is however things area unit, and Facebook rather than obtaining Lamebook to shut its page has created Lamebook to gain additional qualifications. How smart!

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Ah, Facebook.

Another of the nice things we’ve got encountered on the web. And as! Games, friends, chat, applications, and teams with idiotic names … ah, yes, life goes by quickly on Facebook. however there’s ne’er an absence of these things of others’ penalization that happen because of the blabbermouthed standing, connexion a contradictory cluster or, the worst: the those who have their folks on Facebook which they inquire into the piggy standing of their youngsters. Do these things need to be forgotten? in fact not! That’s why Lamebook presents you with the funniest and moron of this social network, one amongst the foremost fashionable in recent years.

Lamebook vs. Facebook

Lamebook is one amongst those pages that gather the horrors, enclosures, and mischief that area unit seen on social networks. Users will transfer screenshots of conversations with uninformed mothers, photos uploaded by insensitive friends or unfortunate states. Then, the opposite users comment and vote the posts.

Now, users also can present cash for the legal defense of the page, immersed in a very legal battle with Facebook. however the foremost relevant is probably the Facebook frontal attack, that with five hundred million users is that the largest social network within the world and one amongst the businesses with the foremost presence on the net.

For a number of days, the links that users suspend on Facebook to Lamebook pages (it seems like a saying, however it’s like that) don’t work, as a result of the social network supported by Mark Zuckerberg has blocked them. Nor are you able to mark the pages of Lamebook with the classic “like” and has closed its page on Facebook.

The conflict began in March, once Facebook demanded that the name be modified, stating that they were violating their trademark. In response, those chargeable for Lamebook visited court a number of weeks past. And his rival has not taken in creating all his strength effective, depriving the page of a vital supply of traffic.

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