How the Lifeline Phone Service Works

In addition to meeting their needs for housing and food, low-income families often still have other bills begging for their attention. The average American spends about $127.37 a month on cell phone bills. Low-income families having difficulty with paying their phone bills might have a way out. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lifeline phone service assists underprivileged households to afford telephone services. 

Lifeline Phone Service is available to underprivileged residents of every US state. However, specific details concerning the requirements may vary from state to state. So, interested customers have to confirm these details before sending their applications via designated cell phone providers. For instance, if you reside in Oklahoma, you’ll need to check the guidelines before applying through designated cell phone companies for lifeline phone service Oklahoma-based. 

What Does Lifeline Phone Service Offer? 

Lifeline phone service Oklahoma offers monthly discounts of up to $9.25 monthly for subscribers. Subscribers on tribal lands in Oklahoma can get up to $34.25 off monthly. These lifeline phone service Oklahoma discounts cover wireless or wireline service. Approved residents can now access emergency services, contact loved ones and seek employment with their lifeline phone service. The package may also come with access to a new phone.

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